Developed from natural hyaluronic acid in the form of a stabilised crystal gel, dermal fillers are injected under the skin to restore lost volume whilst enhancing your profile creating fuller lips & softening lines and wrinkles. Choosing the right filler and injecting the right amount in the right place is paramount in achieving a good result. When it comes to injecting fillers, experience and judgement is vital.

What are dermal fillers typically used for?·

To correct or enhance facial contours; cheeks, temples, jawline, nose, chin
To define, correct or enhance lips
To soften and correct facial wrinkles or folds
To restore lost volume in hands to reduce the appearance of veins and tendons
To correct hollows under the eyes (tear troughs)
To improve the tone, texture and hydration of the skin Choosing your practitioner

Will the treatment be painful?·

Our HA dermal Fillers have lidocaine making procedures more comfortable. We can also offer a topical anaesthetic in clinic.

Are there any side effects?·

Side effects include, but are not limited to
- Redness
- Swelling
- Bruising
- Itching
- Tenderness
- Asymmetry
- Lumps

When will I see results?

You can expect to see results immediately although best results are expected in 4-6 weeks

Our nurse Ashley will be on hand to take you through your journey and answer any questions you may have

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